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From The Archives #148

Dude, smile! You just got an awesome Jeep toy for Christmas! I would be bouncing off the walls!

Vintage Willys Jeep Toy

Great vintage photo of Junior and his Willys Jeep toy! Anyone recognize the Jeep? Is it a pedal car? Photo via The Hamb

Tamiya Toyota Hilux 4×4 Pick Up Video

While looking through some YouTube videos of vintage RC cars I came across the Blazing Blazer I posted earlier.  And I just found these videos of the original Tamiya Toyota Hilux 4×4.  These are model # 58028 released by Tamiya in Nov 1981. Original Tamiya video showing multiple RC trucks pulling a real truck and […]

Tamiya 4×4 Blazing Blazer

This is a great video of the Tamiya 4×4 Blazing Blazer RC model #58029 from 1982.  In the comments they said the only thing changed were the springs, from a Tamiya Ford 350 Hi-Lift.

From The Archives #141

This is an awesome Jeep toy and figure! It is not the normal metal Jeep toy that you associate the Tonka name with, but still just as awesome. Check out the 70’s graphics and quick disconnect tires. Did it come with another set of tires?

Is This Chimpanzee Smarter Than The Average Jeep Owner?

I was going to make some smart ass remark about Jeep owners, but then realized I own a Jeep…Regardless, this is an incredible set of photos. The Willys toy is an interesting unit. I like the side bumpers that even go out around the tires! I assume that this was used on a TV show and “Hero” is the chimpanzee. Can any of our readers help us out with more information?

LEGO Land Rover Defender 110

We recently came across this video of a Land Rover Defender 110 built out of LEGO’s by Fernando in Spain. There is to much to describe so watch the video and see how amazing it is. You can also see more of Fernando’s LEGO creations at

Contest: Win A Paper Toyota Land Cruiser Or Ford Bronco Toy!

We have teamed up with Paper Cruiser to bring your our latest contest! The winner of the contest, which ends on April 30th, will receive a free download of any paper toy on the Paper Cruisers site! In order to be eligible, you must be a fan of both the Off Road Action and Paper Cruiser and must like and comment on THIS POST ON Facebook, mentioning that “My favorite vintage 4×4 is . Entries close on April 30th and the winner will be drawn at random.

1/9th Scale 1967 Dodge Fargo Sweptline Power Wagon

Last year, we featured a custom radio control 67-72 Ford Bumpside Ford truck. Today, we have a hand built radio control 1967 Dodge Fargo Sweptline Power Wagon truck. We are serious when we say it was hand made. The wood body and driver are hand carved. The chassis is homemade from wood and aluminum. It uses Axial axles and shafts and RC4WD transmission, rims and reduced tires. A GCM transfer case and 18.5 Novak goat esc and motor wrap up the drivetrain. I still cannot believe that the body is hand carved! What an incredible job! Make sure to check out the video below!

Matchbox Releases 1st Generation Toyota 4Runner Toy

Matchbox recently suprised us by releasing a 1st generation Toyota 4Runner to it’s lineup. The new 4Runner toy is a great copy of the 1985-1989 Toyota 4Runner. The toy colors and striping are very close to those of the original and the tires are proportional to the vehicle size, unlike the Matchbox size toys with monster truck tires. However, the chrome interior leaves a little to be desired. What do you think? Would you pick one up if you saw it at the local store?

Awesome Mini Willys Jeep Build!

You just have to love this mini Willys Jeep build! It is a 1/2 scale Bemak 1941 Willys MB Slat Grille body mounted on a 1980 John Deere 111 lawn tractor chassis and powerplant. It has an 11 hp Briggs and Stratton engine with 5 speed manual transmission. The 1.5 gallon jerry can on the rear is actually the fuel tank. Colin modified the tractor to run on 12volts so he could have working lights! I want to build one! I do not have kids, but that does not matter, right? Now, I wonder where to find a Bemak body.

Awesome Bumpside F100 RC 4×4 Truck

I do not get onto the RC forums very often, but this build from Scale 4×4 RC caught my eye. Being that the 1969-72 Ford Bumpside F100 is one of my favourite truck body styles, I fell in love with this buildup! What a great job!

More Photos Of The Tamiya Sand Scorcher Baja Bug

In response to our previous post about the life size Tamiya Sand Sand Scorcher Baja Bug , we have some more photos and a video of the buildup. The builders also have a new website. Click the photos below to see them larger. Note: If you are reading this via email or Facebook, you may […]

Life Size Tamiya Sand Scorcher Baja Buggy

Tamiya recently commissioned a life size replica of their famous Sand Scorcher remote control Baja Bug that they sold over 20 years ago. The 1:1 replica has been built to celebrate the release of the new updated version of the famous Sand Scorcher. Make sure to check out the vintage 80’s RC videos below. If […]

Martian Toy Jeeps

The Alan Rosen Robot & Space Toy Collection auction has a lot of very interesting vintage toys, including a few Jeep space vehicles! VIA…

1979-82 Tamiya Super Champ RC Buggy

Here is an interesting find! This Tamiya Super Champ RC was produced from 1979 to 1982. Follow along as this unit is lovingly restored! Make sure to click on the photos in the link to read notes from the rebuilder.

Bronco Toys

Terry Marvel has some nice photos of old Bronco toys on his Fotki page. I do not have any of the Nylint Broncos…yet!!!

More Pink Jeeps!

You may recall that we did an article on Pink 4×4’s a while ago. Well, Derek Redmond from the CJ3B Page sent us in some photos of pink Jeeps, along with a link to his Pink Jeep Toys page. Rosaline is a picture that he took in Quebec in the 70’s. His wife is in […]

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