Truck & Tractor Pulls

Aint No School Like Old School-Vintage Monster Truck & Pulling Photos

Wow! That is all I can say about this group of monster truck and truck pull photos on Flickr! The photos look to date from the mid 80s through to the early 90s. What do you think of the photos? What was your favorite monster truck from the eighties?

Dirt: The Off Road Movie

For years, I had heard about Dirt: The Movie, but had never seen it. Now, we have the ablility to view the whole movie on You Tube. Follow Clarke Gordon as he travels across the states to learn more about this thing called off roading. Desert racing, sand drags, swamp buggies, hill climbs, Pikes Peak…this video has it all! It is a great collection of vintage off road racing!

Orange Blossom Special Truck Pulls Again Video!

Do you remember the Orange Blossom Special 2wd pull truck from the 80’s? It was probably the most popular pulling truck of the time. Check out the video below that we found on the Orange Blossom Special Facebook page!

Orange Blossom Special Pulling Truck Facebook Page!

Do you remember the Orange Blossom Special pulling truck? It was probably the most popular pulling truck from the 80’s and 90’s. I remember seeing the photo above in a magazine and falling in love with it. I guess even back then I loved the old school trucks. I am not sure what it was about the truck that made me love it so much. Since it was one of the few pulling trucks that had toy versions, I imagine I was not the only one that adored it. They now have a new Orange Blossom Special Facebook page and are posting old photos and videos of the 2wd and 4wd pull trucks, along with the train tank monster. What is your favourite memory of the Orange Blossom Special?

Jet Powered Tractor Pullers & More Old School Pulling Photos!

Remember the jet powered truck and tractor pullers from the 80’s? How about the pulling tractors with 6 supercharged big block engines with over 1200 horsepower each? Here is a few photos to bring back the memories!

Terminator Ford Pull Truck

The “Terminator” was a 60’s Ford pulling truck that was used in the 1980’s and then retired in 1991 when the truck and tractor pull craze died down. The truck was built by Go Fast Engineering . Hopefully they can send us some more photos. What a great looking truck! The Terminator was built in […]

Budweiser Boss!

I came across this great photo today. Remember those wild truck pull vehicles from the 80’s and 90’s? That dual engine Kenworth, Art Arfons jet powered pullers, the Orange Blossom Special? Thank you to Hanks Truck Pictures for the photo above!

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