More Willys Fire Truck Photos

In response to our previous post about Willys & Jeep Fire Truck Photos , I did some searching and came across a few more. Enjoy!

Willys T-90 Transmission Rebuild

I have come across what I think is the best T-90 transmission rebuild article that I have seen.

Another Old School Monster Truck Video!

Note: If you are reading this via Email or Facebook, you may have to go to the Off Road Action website to view the video.

More Armstead Snow Motors Photos

After featuring a video of the Armstead Snow Motors Concept Machine last week, we came across another post on the current photo of one on the HAMB message board.

Vintage Excalibur Monster Truck Photos

Rember the old monster trucks with leaf springs and steel bodies? Monster Mayhem has a section of the site dedicated to old school monster trucks. One interesting thread is

Another Old School Monster Truck Video

You have to love the old monster trucks from the 80’s. Technology sure has changed! If you are reading this via email, you will have to go to the Off Road Action website to view the video.

M715 Zone!

I came across an interesting site at M715 Zone. The website is dedicated to the Jeep M715 trucks that were used in the military. The amount of technical help on this forum is awesome! Definatly worth checking out. I wold love to grab an ambulance version, put a diesel engine in and then camperize it. […]

67 Mustang Leading The East African Rally!

Maybe it is the redneck in me, but I think this is totally awesome! Ian Duncan is currently leading the East African Rally in a 1967 Mustang with a 351 and 4spd. The mustang, as seen

Most Popular Posts For October 2009

Here are the posts that were most viewed in October! It looks like we had a lot of Dodge Power Wagon fans this month! 1. James Garner Goodyear Grabber Olds 442 2. Dune Buggy Archives 3. Swamp Fox Army Monster Dodge 4. Sweptline Dodge Power Wagon 5. Restored 1941 Dodge WC

More Four Wheel Drive Co.

Last week we featured a photo from the Four Wheel Drive Co. Here is another one from 1927! Via…

Four Wheel Drive Auto Co.

The only info that we have about this photo is that it was taken in 1927. Does anyone have anymore info? Via…

Video Of Bill Stroppe Pitstop At 1968 Mexican 1000

Two pioneers of desert racing. Bill Stroppe and the Mexican 1000! You will have to click through to view the video.

Search For The Junior Jeep

While going through some old posts on the Hemmings Blog , I came across article about how the Army was looking for a smaller Jeep based vehicle.

Stainless Steel Willys For Sale!!!

Oooh…if I only had some spare money kicking around along with some extra space! I have heard about these stainless steel Willys bodies manufactured in the Philippines and then imported to the states, but I have never seen one. This gentleman in Detroit has one for sale. Hmmm…Detroit is only a 6 hour drive from […]

James Garner “Goodyear Grabber” Olds 442

You may recall our article on the Vic Hickey 69 Chevrolet race truck owned by Ron Johnson as well as the article on the announcement of the NORRA Mexican 1000 vintage off road race coming up in September. In the Hickey article, we mentioned that Ron Johnson owns a number of Hickey built race vehicles, […]

69 Vic Hickey Race Truck!

I have been talking to Ron Johnson from Washington state for the last year or so. He is, from what I have seen, the worlds best historian on Vic Hickey race vehicles. Not only does he own an incredible amount of photos, magazines and other Hickey memorabilia, but he also owns a few original Hickey […]

1964 Bronco Prototype

I came across a Bronco related website the other day that had some great information on the Bronco. This page lists some of the differences between the prototype shown and the production model…such as the grille. Another article by Bronco historian Todd Zuercher lists the differences between the production Broncos from 1966-1977.

Dodge Power Wagon Clunker Talk

I saw this old Dodge Power Wagon on a Cash For Clunkers discussion on Hemmings. It just needs a little bit of bondo and it is good to go!

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