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Who remembers this van?

Do you remember this van from the 70’s?

Old School 4×4 Van Model

Off Road Action Reader Russell Cook sent us a link of a custom 1:25 scale Ford Quadravan 4wd van model. The builder did a great job of keeping the vintage 70’s look. You have to love the blue shag carpet and wood paneling! Thanks for the email Russell!

Most Awesome 4×4 Van Ever For Sale !

I am not sure why, but I love 4×4 vans. Perhaps it is the oddity of them. They can be a very practical vehicle when it comes to exploring the outback or as a work vehicle, but you have to admit that they are a bit odd. If you are like me and love 4×4 vans, then you will be drooling over this van conversion! This 80’s Dodge van is the ultimate in snow transportation. The Thiokol chassis is coupled to a Ford 390 engine and C6 transmission. The Hans Hall aluminum tracks were imported from Germany and are said to be in excellent condition. If that does not make it weird enough, the wheelwells were filled in, scalloped paint added, along with a panoramic canvas roof extension. The van hump in the drivers area was removed and a flat foor installed, along with joysticks for steering and a custom gauge panel. Peak Adventures is selling this unique van for $30,000. Is it wrong to have visions of blasting around in the snow with a van load of your buddies? Oh man, I am going to be day dreaming about this all day long…

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