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Thumbnail image for 1960 Willys Wagon Stretched 4-Door

1960 Willys Wagon Stretched 4-Door

This custom one-off 1960 Willys Wagon was a special order for Henry J. Kaiser….

Thumbnail image for How Do You Pick Up Your Christmas Tree? – 1962 Willys Wagon

How Do You Pick Up Your Christmas Tree? – 1962 Willys Wagon

It’s that time of year again and I’ve seen plenty of Christmas Trees on top of SUV’s and cars the last…

Thumbnail image for 1964 Willys Wagon For Sale

1964 Willys Wagon For Sale

This 1964 Willys Wagon was just listed in the Off Road Action classifieds. It’s located in Vista, CA and at…

Thumbnail image for 1973 Ford Rural 4×4 Wagon

1973 Ford Rural 4×4 Wagon

This 1973 Ford Rural wagon was listed for sale in Brazil a few months ago. When Ford bought out…

Thumbnail image for San Juan Colorado Jeep Tour Photos

San Juan Colorado Jeep Tour Photos

A few years ago we did an article about a restored Forward Control Willys Jeep truck that used…

Thumbnail image for 1962 Willys Maverick Wagon

1962 Willys Maverick Wagon

My friend Ryan Shatting in northern California has owned this 1962 Willys Maverick Wagon for…

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2013 Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival

The 3rd annual Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival was held June 14-16, 2013. The festival is…

1964 Willys Wagon For Sale

Check out this great looking 1964 Willys Wagon for sale. It has custom coil-over suspension, locker, 5.3 Vortec engine. Update: we no longer have info or a working link for this Willys and don’t know if it is still for sale.

More Brazil Built Willys Wagons & Trucks

We previously featured an article about Rural Willys Wagons built in Brazil from 1958 to 1977. Here is a few Rural Willys wagons and a truck at a local Brazil car show. What beauties!

From The Archives #138

Holy Crap! How long has this Willys Wagon been sitting here?

From The Archives #134

It just breaks my heart to see this 1951 Willys Wagon rusting away to a slow and painful death. If you can stand it, check out this thread about junk yard photos on HAMB.

From The Archives #133

This photo is tagged ” 1948 Jeep Willys Showroom In Florida”. It almost looks to be an auto show, judging from the chairs to the right and from what you can see through the windows. Thoughts? Photo via The Hamb .

1956 Willys Wagon

I recently heard about the Vista Rod Run car show that was happening August 5th in Vista CA. So I decided to load up the family and check it out. Just before leaving I came across this great looking 1956 Willys Wagon. Check it out!

Photos From The 5th Annual Mason-Dixon Willys Jeep Gathering

Geepstir posted 4 pages of photos from the recent 5th Annual Mason-Dixon Willys Jeep Gathering. There is some beautiful rigs in there, but I must say that my favorite is the 1958 Jeep firetruck pedal car by Hamilton Steel Products. Which one is your favourite?

From The Archives #101

How about these moss covered Willys Wagon and Jeep CJ-5? Are they worth saving? As a photographer, they are a dream. As a Jeep enthusiast, it saddens me.

2011 Great Willys Picnic Pics

Mark from SellaJeep.com took 8 pages of photos at the recent Great Willys Picnic in Lansford, PA. There was a number of beautiful Willys Jeeps, trucks and wagons, but the highlight of the show was “NellyBelle” from the Roy Rogers TV show.

From The Archives #77

I assume this Willys Jeep Wagon is an ex ambulance unit. Does anyone have more information about it?

Huberts Incredible Jeep Drawings

Hubert Cossard has collection of incredible Jeep drawings on his Jeep Family website. The site is in French, but you are still able to oogle the collection of Willys and Jeeps. The detail in the drawings is impressive!

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