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Made In Brazil Willys Jeep Wagon

A reader recently sent us a link to Rural Willys, a website dedicated to Willys Jeep Wagons built in Brazil. There was over 182,000 Rural Willys Wagons built in Brazil from 1958 to 1977. The basic body tub is the same, but is is obvious that there is a lot of differences between the Brazilian model and its American cousin. The first thing you notice is the different front end, but as you look closer, you can see the smaller details like different door handles, front and rear bumpers, tail lights, etc. What else do you notice that is different?

4 Door Mitsubishi Built Willys Jeep Wagons?

Last week we showed you some photos of 4 door Willys Jeep wagons. This week, Willys Country brings us some photos of Mitsubishi built 4 door Willys Jeep wagons. These were manufactured from the 1950’s through to 1988. At a quick glance, they may appear to look like their American counterparts, they are very different. Probably the largest difference is that they were actually built on a CJ-3B chassis so they are a lot narrower than your normal Willys wagon. they also used a CJ-3B grille. Notice the hood height difference compared to the regular version. As for other body modifications, they used panel style rear doors and the rear side glass radius, which allows for more glass area. Most of them used a diesel engine and some used Dana 30 front ends with a Dana 44 in the rear. Lets not forget the right hand drive!

Have You Ever Seen A 4 Door Willys Jeep Wagon?

I have seen a few photos floating around the internet of 4 door Willys Jeep wagons. In all the cases I had seen, they were also modified for railway use. Dave from Willys Country has done tons of research on 4 door Willys wagons as well as railway Willys. It turns out that some of the 4 door units were made for street use and Dave has supplied us with some photos.

From The Archives #45

Not only was the Willys Wagons used for commuting, but with simple modifications they were used as delivery vehicles, railway maintenance vehicles or ambulances, as pictured above.

From The Archives #39

I do not know the story on this Willys wagon, but man, is she a beauty! I love the burgandy paint!

From The Archives #36

It is sad to see these classics rusting away!

Willys T-90 Transmission Rebuild

I have come across what I think is the best T-90 transmission rebuild article that I have seen.

Old Willys Forum.com

Jeep Press Photos

While going through some photos on the Hemmings Blog, I came across this one about old Jeep press photos. This prompted me to look through my collection of photos and post Jeep press photos. Look for another article with more photos soon! Enjoy and feel free to comment!

Spring Midwest Willys Reunion-Mason, OH

Better late than never, here is some photos from the Spring Midwest Willys Reunion in Mason, OH. For more photos and information on this incredible annual event, check out their website . Now these rigs below are very interesting and a great reminder that Willys were promoted to be used on farms as both tractors […]

Willys CJ-2A & Truck Wagon Service Bulletins 1945-1951

Members of the CJ-2A Page have compiled a huge list of service bullitens for all Willys vehicles from 1945-1951 on this thread .

A Man And His Cars

Donald Smith has posted photos of all the cars he has ever owned on his website. I have posted the Willys Wagon and Jeepster photos here your your pleasure. Do not forget to check out his page for other interesting cars he has owned.

1959-1961 Jeep History

The folks over at All Par have an interesting article on the 1959-1961 Jeep lineup.

Jeep History On We Be Jeepin

The folks over at We Be Jeepin have put together a great article about the history of the Jeep. (link / web site no longer active) With pages about military, civilian, wagons and pickups, they cover everything. It is definatly worth the read.

On a quiet night, you can hear a Willys rust…

I know that is not how it goes…it is suppossed to say “On a quiet night, you can hear a Chevy rusting…” I came across these pictures of old Willys and Power Wagons on Forward Look Guy’s Flickr page. These were all for sale a few years ago, but I am not sure if they still […]

From The Archives #2

Here is another photo from my archives. Anyone have any information on this one? Cick on the read more button to view the larger version.

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