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Top 10 Off Road Action Posts Of 2016

2016 was a great year and I’m excited to see what happens in 2017! Below is our top 10…

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Top 10 Most Viewed Posts of 2014

2014 was a great year and once again we bring you the top 10 most viewed…

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Lake Tahoe 1959 Chevy

During a recent trip to South Lake Tahoe I came across this Chevy 4×4 sitting in front…

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Vintage Rides of KOH 2014 Part 2

This is part 2 of our 2014 King of the Hammers vintage rides photo gallery…

Thumbnail image for Gary Hough’s 1959 Chevy NAPCO Apache 3100

Gary Hough’s 1959 Chevy NAPCO Apache 3100

Gary Hough has been traveling to Baja for many years for off road desert races and saw this truck sitting…

Thumbnail image for Vintage Rides of KOH 2014 Part 1

Vintage Rides of KOH 2014 Part 1

While shooting the 2014 King of the Hammers I came across plenty of vintage rides to show…

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Top 10 Most Popular Articles In 2013

2014 is here and it’s time to take a look back at our most visited articles of 2013. I want to thank all…

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1946 Dodge Power Wagon For Sale

Here is a great looking 1946 Dodge Power Wagon that was for sale on eBay.

2012 Off Road Expo

The 2012 Off Road Expo took place October 6-7 in Pomona, CA.  This is the largest Expo dedicated to Off Road on the west coast and is a must see event if you ever have a chance.  This picture gallery is a small sample of what there is to see at the show.  There were […]

Expedition Ready 1977 4×4 Blazer Chalet Camper For Sale

Epicrider from the Expedition Portal forum is selling his 1977 Chevrolet Blazer Chalet camper. This unique rig is in pretty good shape overall, but does need a few things like having the fridge repaired, new curtains and some minor surface rust. The asking price of $5000 seems very reasonable when you factor in the 3/4 ton running gear and added aftermarket accesories. Check out our previous article on Chevrolet Blazer Chalets for more information.

Are You Looking For An Early 1966 To 1977 Ford Bronco?

If you are looking for an early 1966 to 1977 Ford Bronco for sale, you have to check out EarlyBroncoAds.com! There you will find hundreds of 1966-1977 Broncos for sale. Whether you’re looking for that uncut ’66 Roadster or a purpose built rock crawling rig, EarlyBroncoAds.com has organized hundreds of Classic Ford Bronco auctions from eBay, the leading internet marketplace.

Where Are The Tank Track Monster Trucks?

Remember them? Monster truck bodies on tanks! A great thread on Monster Mayhem gives a list of all the monster trucks with tracks and where they are now. What an interesting read!

John’s 1968 F100 4×4 Truck

After seeing his truck in the lead photo in our 67-72 Ford 4×4 Truck Photos article, he sent in some photos and a great writeup on his truck. In fact, I will let him tell his story… John DeKeersgieter, 42yo, Yorktown VA, computer programmer. I’ve been into cars and truck since I was little. I […]

American Jeepster Club

A lot of you enjoyed the article a few weeks ago on the Hurst Jeepster . The American Jeepster Club is another group of Jeepster enthusiasts that live, breath and bleed the unique Jeep. In 1988 The American Jeepster club (AJC) was formed to help Jeepster owners “network”, and find and sell parts. The club […]

From The Archives #4

Here is a picture that I forgot I had! Bill Stroppe in the infamous Big Oly Bronco. Anyone know what year and where this is from?

Willys CJ3B Brazil To Alaska Scout Trip

Derek over at The CJ3B website always has the most interesting articles! His recent article about the 1955 travels of a CJ3B from Brazil to the World Scout Jamboree 1955 to Alaska and back to Brazil is awesome! You have to check out the travels of these young men. It would be an incredible adventure […]

NORRA Mexican 1000 Returns!

The original NORRA Mexican 1000 returns on September 16-20! This is the big daddy…the forefather of desert racing. This race, originally started in 1967, eventually became the infamous Baja 1000. The National Off Road Racing Association (NORRA) is proud to present the 2009 NORRA Revival of the 1967 Mexican 1000 Rally. This event, “Honoring the […]

Dune Buggy Archives!

Dune Buggy Archives has to be one of the neatest dune buggy sites around! They have all kinds of information about all kit buggies, from the famous Meyers Manx to the more uncommon Sears Rascal pictured below. If you need information on any kit buggy, chances are that the guys in the very informative forum […]

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