American Jeepster Club

A lot of you enjoyed the article a few weeks ago on the Hurst Jeepster . The American Jeepster Club is another group of Jeepster enthusiasts that live, breath and bleed the unique Jeep. In 1988 The American Jeepster club (AJC) was formed to help Jeepster owners “network”, and find and sell parts. The club […]

From The Archives #4

Here is a picture that I forgot I had! Bill Stroppe in the infamous Big Oly Bronco. Anyone know what year and where this is from?

Willys CJ3B Brazil To Alaska Scout Trip

Derek over at The CJ3B website always has the most interesting articles! His recent article about the 1955 travels of a CJ3B from Brazil to the World Scout Jamboree 1955 to Alaska and back to Brazil is awesome! You have to check out the travels of these young men. It would be an incredible adventure […]

NORRA Mexican 1000 Returns!

The original NORRA Mexican 1000 returns on September 16-20! This is the big daddy…the forefather of desert racing. This race, originally started in 1967, eventually became the infamous Baja 1000. The National Off Road Racing Association (NORRA) is proud to present the 2009 NORRA Revival of the 1967 Mexican 1000 Rally. This event, “Honoring the […]

Dune Buggy Archives!

Dune Buggy Archives has to be one of the neatest dune buggy sites around! They have all kinds of information about all kit buggies, from the famous Meyers Manx to the more uncommon Sears Rascal pictured below. If you need information on any kit buggy, chances are that the guys in the very informative forum […]

From The Archives #3

Here is another one from my massive collection of old 4×4 photos. If you have any information about this vehicle or the drivers, please post it in the comments. Was this a preproduction Willys? The fenders and grille look different. Were the drivers from the US Army?

Dodge Military Power Wagon Assembly Line Photo

Here is an interesting photo that was sent into me by a reader. Can anyone tell us about this picture? I assume it was in the 50’s, but that is all I know. Click read more to see a larger image and leave us a comment!

1979 Dodge Power Wagon Magazine Ad

Here is an ad that I came across recently. I am not a fan of the quad headlights. How about you? You have to love the tag line… “Dodge is into Truckin’ like America is into jeans.” Click on the read more button for a larger image.

On a quiet night, you can hear a Willys rust…

I know that is not how it goes…it is suppossed to say “On a quiet night, you can hear a Chevy rusting…” I came across these pictures of old Willys and Power Wagons on Forward Look Guy’s Flickr page. These were all for sale a few years ago, but I am not sure if they still […]

69 Vic Hickey Race Truck!

I have been talking to Ron Johnson from Washington state for the last year or so. He is, from what I have seen, the worlds best historian on Vic Hickey race vehicles. Not only does he own an incredible amount of photos, magazines and other Hickey memorabilia, but he also owns a few original Hickey […]

Monster Truck Photo Vault Found!

I have been away for a few weeks visiting my sick father and the rest of my family in BC. Sorry for the lack of updates! Anyways, I was checking out the Bang Shift blog and came across this post with a link to this Monster Truck photo website. Talk about bringing back memories!

90’s North East Sand Drags

Once again, Sand Drag Central has a great post with some photos of 90’s North East sand drag action. There is a lot more photos on their site!

1964 Bronco Prototype

I came across a Bronco related website the other day that had some great information on the Bronco. This page lists some of the differences between the prototype shown and the production model…such as the grille. Another article by Bronco historian Todd Zuercher lists the differences between the production Broncos from 1966-1977.

From The Archives #2

Here is another photo from my archives. Anyone have any information on this one? Cick on the read more button to view the larger version.

CA4WDC History

I came across this neat article on the Blue Ribbon Coalition page. It is a quick one page article about the history of the California Association of 4wd Clubs. It is worth the read… 1959 was a momentous and pivotal year. Fidel Castro became prime minister of Cuba. Alaska was admitted to the Union as […]

Hurst Jeepster

I recently came across an interesting website at Hurst The site is all about the elusive Hurst Jeepster. Most people do not realize that there was a special production “Hurst” Jeepster, just like most do not realize that there was a “Stroppe” Bronco. The following excerpt is from the site: The Hurst Jeepster (modeled […]

Awesome Datsun Model!

Now this is too neat! Does anyone have any information about this model? Feel free to post it in comments or email me.

One From The Archives

Here is one from my photo archives!

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