Thumbnail image for Toyota FJ55 Land Cruiser RC

Toyota FJ55 Land Cruiser RC

I recently came across this RC build of a Toyota FJ55 Land Cruiser on the…

Thumbnail image for Headquake’s 1967 Scout RC Build Video

Headquake’s 1967 Scout RC Build Video

If you have seen some of the features we have posted on Headquake’s RC vehicles you probably wonder…

Thumbnail image for Headquake’s 1960 Jeep FC170

Headquake’s 1960 Jeep FC170

Our next feature on Headquake’s RC creations is the 1960 Jeep FC170. Check out the photos and videos…

Thumbnail image for Vintage RC TRRC Get Together

Vintage RC TRRC Get Together

Last year we posted some photos of vintage RC builds by Jeremy at DELUXrc. Jeremy recently posted…

Life Size Tamiya Sand Scorcher Baja Buggy

Tamiya recently commissioned a life size replica of their famous Sand Scorcher remote control Baja Bug that they sold over 20 years ago. The 1:1 replica has been built to celebrate the release of the new updated version of the famous Sand Scorcher. Make sure to check out the vintage 80’s RC videos below. If […]

1979-82 Tamiya Super Champ RC Buggy

Here is an interesting find! This Tamiya Super Champ RC was produced from 1979 to 1982. Follow along as this unit is lovingly restored! Make sure to click on the photos in the link to read notes from the rebuilder.

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