From The Archives #16

Unkown year…can anyone tell us anything about this photo?

Jeep Press Photos

While going through some photos on the Hemmings Blog, I came across this one about old Jeep press photos. This prompted me to look through my collection of photos and post Jeep press photos. Look for another article with more photos soon! Enjoy and feel free to comment!

Spring Midwest Willys Reunion-Mason, OH

Better late than never, here is some photos from the Spring Midwest Willys Reunion in Mason, OH. For more photos and information on this incredible annual event, check out their website . Now these rigs below are very interesting and a great reminder that Willys were promoted to be used on farms as both tractors […]

Behind The Scenes Of Kings Solomons Mines Movie

I recently came across this clip about a behind the scenes look at the making of the 1950 movie King Solomon’s Mines . I tried finding out more information, but all I could find is the Dodge Power Wagon ad above, along with the following quote. Does anyone else have some more information or photos […]

From The Archives #11

Dodge Power Wagon, American Flag…what a perfect American Pride photo!

Willys CJ-2A & Truck Wagon Service Bulletins 1945-1951

Members of the CJ-2A Page have compiled a huge list of service bullitens for all Willys vehicles from 1945-1951 on this thread .

Junkyard Power Wagons

Here is a few old Dodge Power Wagon army trucks that have been layed out to pasture in Colorado. Such a shame…{via}

Trucks & Canoes

As I sit here writing this on a Friday afternoon, I can hear the lake calling me. It makes it worse when I see these photos of Willys trucks with canoes and their owners heading off to the lake. The photos (stolen from this thread on the North American XJ Association) are sure to bring […]

2009 Hollister Power Wagon Rally Photos

The 2009 Hollister Power Wagon Rally was a hit! I was on the Sweptline.org message board when I came across this thread with some great photos of the event. Ah, nothing like a little trail ride with your Dodge Power Wagon friends, followed by a little mud action! It is great to see beautiful restored […]

Power Wagon Woody

I was surfing through the Dodge Power Wagon.com website the other day and came across the Woody version of the Power Wagon. I have posted some more photos below. Does anyone have any more information about them?

From The Archives #7

Another workhorse put away to rest. What can I say? I love the old dodge power wagons!

Sweptline Dodge Power Wagons

Anyone that has been reading this blog for a while has come to understand that I have a soft spot for early Bronco’s, Dodge Power Wagons and off road racing. So it should come as no suprise to you that I have yet another post about the Dodge Power Wagon. Sweptline.com is the best website […]

Restored 1941 Dodge WC-12

This website allows the readers to follow along as they restore this beautiful 1941 Dodge WC-12 Power Wagon. They have also recently purchased a 1942 Dodge WC-52 Power Wagon to restore as well. It is definatly a great site with a number of good Dodge Power Wagon photos and links.

Power Wagon Advertiser

The Power Wagon Advertiser is a monthly magazine that covers the Dodge Power Wagon. There is a variety of articles including editorial content, feature and technical articles, classified ads and more. Their online forum is also worth checking out. I was reading it yesterday and before I knew it, a few hours had gone by!

A Man And His Cars

Donald Smith has posted photos of all the cars he has ever owned on his website. I have posted the Willys Wagon and Jeepster photos here your your pleasure. Do not forget to check out his page for other interesting cars he has owned.

1959-1961 Jeep History

The folks over at All Par have an interesting article on the 1959-1961 Jeep lineup.

Jeep History On We Be Jeepin

The folks over at We Be Jeepin have put together a great article about the history of the Jeep. (link / web site no longer active) With pages about military, civilian, wagons and pickups, they cover everything. It is definatly worth the read.

Massive 1950 Dodge Power Wagon built by “Rainbow Sheikh”

I saw this video on Art Car this morning. The Rainbow Sheikh loves the 1950’s Dodge Powerwagon so much, he built a version that is 64 times the orginal size! It even has a master bedroom!

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