From The Archives #50

Hard for me to tell, but is this a Dodge Power Wagon or one of the larger Chevrolet trucks?

From The Archives #48

Back when Jeeps were simple to work on!

From The Archives #16

Unkown year…can anyone tell us anything about this photo?

CMP:Canadian Military Pattern

I was wandering through some old posts on the Hemmings Blog the other day and came across a post about the CMP. Apparently, the British goverment contacted Ford of Canada in 1936 to build a truck for the upcoming war. By the time the late 30’s rolled around, General Motors of Canada was involved. By […]

Junkyard Power Wagons

Here is a few old Dodge Power Wagon army trucks that have been layed out to pasture in Colorado. Such a shame…{via}

Another Side of War: The Photographs of Manuel Bromberg

As a photographer, I know that the best photos tell a story. There is nothing like war photos that tell the story of the damage created, whether it is the direct hits to the enemy or how innocent civilians lives are changed forever…via…

Military Vehicle Preservation Association

The Military Vehicle Preservation Association is one of the best organizations for military vehicle restoration info. Not only do they hold their annual convention, but their members recieve the “Army Motors” magazine as well as all kinds of restoration assitance from the 6500 members across the world.

Restored 1941 Dodge WC-12

This website allows the readers to follow along as they restore this beautiful 1941 Dodge WC-12 Power Wagon. They have also recently purchased a 1942 Dodge WC-52 Power Wagon to restore as well. It is definatly a great site with a number of good Dodge Power Wagon photos and links.

Power Wagon Advertiser

The Power Wagon Advertiser is a monthly magazine that covers the Dodge Power Wagon. There is a variety of articles including editorial content, feature and technical articles, classified ads and more. Their online forum is also worth checking out. I was reading it yesterday and before I knew it, a few hours had gone by!

Dodge Power Wagon Factory Photograph

I believe this photo goes with the other Dodge Power Wagon assembly line photo that we featured a few weeks ago. Does anyone have any information on them?

Dodge Power Wagon Trucks In England

I have been on a Dodge truck and Power Wagon kick lately. I found this website about old Dodge trucks in the UK . There is some interesting photos and information that makes it worth checking out.

Swamp Fox Army Monster Dodge!

I was checking out a website about 1963 Dodge Trucks (link to site no longer active) and I came across the Swamp Fox Army Truck! This special Dodge Power Wagon, Series 300, was a unique 1-ton truck. Massive low pressure tires called Terra-Tires, gave this Dodge Power Wagon W-300 “Swamp Fox” maximum traction in the most difficult […]

From The Archives #3

Here is another one from my massive collection of old 4×4 photos. If you have any information about this vehicle or the drivers, please post it in the comments. Was this a preproduction Willys? The fenders and grille look different. Were the drivers from the US Army?

Dodge Military Power Wagon Assembly Line Photo

Here is an interesting photo that was sent into me by a reader. Can anyone tell us about this picture? I assume it was in the 50’s, but that is all I know. Click read more to see a larger image and leave us a comment!

One From The Archives

Here is one from my photo archives!

Bantam: The Original Jeep!

Here is a some great photos of the Bantam that originally won the WWII contract. The photos of the units were curved fenders were from testing the prototypes. These are all the photos I have of the Bantam in my collection. If you have any more photos, please send them my way!

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