Land Rover Fire Truck!

by Wes Kibble on April 18, 2009


I found this over at again. Check them out..they have all kinds of awesome photos of old fire trucks. This is a 1960 (3991 PX) Landrover L4L (Landrover 4wd/Ladder) which when new went to Midhurst Fire Station,Station 19 of the West Sussex Fire Brigade in one of the most rural parts of the county.Origanally delivered when new in red, this appliance like many others during the early 1970’s in the brigade were to get this new yellow colour livery. This Landrover was in service with the brigade for some 20years before being replaced in 1980 with another Landrover.This Landrover (3991 PX) has now been completely restored back to its yellow livery of the 1970’s period in the brigade,and is now privately owned.

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