James Garner In A Bronco?

by Wes Kibble on August 10, 2009


Here is a rare shot of movie star James Garner in a Ford Bronco race truck. You may recall that Garner drove a lot of Vic Hickey built vehicles, like the Goodyear Grabber Olds 442 that we featured a while ago. This photo, which I found on this thread on Classic Broncos.com about rare & strange Broncos , is indeed a bit of a strange one. According to Bronco historian Todd Zuercher, “What’s interesting about the Bronco portion of that movie is that they used two distinctly different Broncos to create the footage. They spliced pieces from the ’68 ABC Baja 1000 special together with footage of Garner and Scooter Patrick roaring around the desert, doing donuts, etc. in another Stroppe race Bronco. The Bronco in this picture is the one they used for the extra, non-race footage.”

Andrew, from Baja Bronco fame also comments
“True that. Ray harvick’s 68-70 season truck. And they went to the trouble of copying the number, sponsors, and names to match the truck they actually raced in the 68 1000…”

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