Transcontinental Flatfender Willys Jeep Tour

by Wes Kibble on December 7, 2009


Travelling across the USA in a pair of Willys Jeeps is something most of us have dreamed about, but these two youngsters attempted just that. While they had to turn back around Moab due to time constraints, they still were able to see a good portion of the states from behind the wheel of a stock Willys! Great Job Guys!
26 days-total road time

5,038 miles-total distance covered

14mpg-average fuel economy

45mph-average speed

5 days of mechanical breakdowns

longest time broken down: 22hours in Georgetown, Kentucky (NOT 24!!)

list of parts replaced or broken while on tour:

2 omixada sideview mirrors
1 overdrive
1 second gear and synchro keyset
1 cruddy nat’s hat (health hazard)
1 16? tube
1 134 headgasket
1 rear D44 pinon seal
1 speedomenter cable + housing
4lbs of grade 8 nuts and bolts/ other hardware
3 body mounts lost
1 battery box (fixed while on the trip is that broken?)
2 cooshy top bow cusions due to wind
number of times ran out of gas: 2 (Durango, Co & Moab, Ut both evan haha) (i ran out once in gordania, WV the first day and somehow coasted into the gas station)

number of other roadtrips like it: 0


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