4 Door Mitsubishi Built Willys Jeep Wagons?

by Wes Kibble on August 24, 2010

Last week we showed you some photos of 4 door Willys Jeep wagons. This week, Willys Country brings us some photos of Mitsubishi built 4 door Willys Jeep wagons. These were manufactured from the 1950’s through to 1988. At a quick glance, they may appear to look like their American counterparts, they are very different. Probably the largest difference is that they were actually built on a CJ-3B chassis so they are a lot narrower than your normal Willys wagon. they also used a CJ-3B grille. Notice the hood height difference compared to the regular version. As for other body modifications, they used panel style rear doors and the rear side glass radius, which allows for more glass area. Most of them used a diesel engine and some used Dana 30 front ends with a Dana 44 in the rear. Lets not forget the right hand drive!

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