More Barn Find Bronco Camper Photos

by Wes Kibble on October 4, 2010

Last week we featued a camperized 1966 Ford Bronco that we found on Craigslist. We emailed the owner and he sent us back some more photos along with the news that the Bronco had been sold already to a gentleman in Michigan. The barn find Bronco will be restored and added to his collection.

I am really interested in this camper. All of the Bronco campers that I have seen so far have been the popup variety from Four Wheel Campers. The winch on this unit is a bit of an oddball as well. Apparently, it is a vintage Black and Decker winch and it does work! There is a controller mounted under the dash for it. The early Bronco also has a speaker control mounted under the dash for the truck radio to go to the camper. So, have you seen a Bronco camper like this or a Black & Decker winch?


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