Willys Army Jeep Cutaway Drawing

by Wes Kibble on March 4, 2014

willys army jeep drawing cutaway

Here we have an interesting cutaway drawing of a Willys army Jeep. While the drawing itself is incredible and provides some interesting specifications, it almost seems lacking. Does anyone know the history of this drawing?

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zac avey May 7, 2015 at 6:51 pm

I am certain this is from either popular mechanics or popular science magazine. My dad had 1929 on to 1960 in his shed, I read every one. I used to have a 1940-41 issue with the original jeep tests, It was awesome! The January 1942 issues were mostly lined out in black to keep info from falling into enemy hands. I see these at swap meets and yard sales once in a while and always look for those issues. If anyone finds them please post so everyone can see them.


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