Off Road Rat Rods

by Curtis Guise on June 24, 2015

Rat Rods have been around for many years. Typically you would see a late 20’s to 50’s car or truck built low, chopped, loud and big rear tires that would classify as a “Rat Rod”.  In recent years I have seen more off road inspired Rat Rods popping up on the internet.  It could be anything from a Willys Jeep body to a car or truck with big off road tires.  Regardless of how they are built I give a thumbs up to most of them.  Let us know what you think in the comments below.

off_road_rat_rods_01 off_road_rat_rods_02 off_road_rat_rods_03 off_road_rat_rods_04 off_road_rat_rods_05 off_road_rat_rods_06 off_road_rat_rods_07 off_road_rat_rods_08 off_road_rat_rods_09 off_road_rat_rods_10 off_road_rat_rods_11 off_road_rat_rods_12 off_road_rat_rods_13

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