1961 Thiokol Trackmaster 4T-10

by Curtis Guise on July 10, 2015

Looking for an old style snowcat vehicle? This 1961 Thiokol Trackmaster 4T-10 might be for you! This vehicle was recently listed on eBay in Washington and Bring-a-Trailer.  It was restored and upgraded a few years ago with parts from a Bombardier Cat. It has a 300ci Ford straight six and a rebuilt C4 automatic.  Check out the eBay for allot more pictures and info about the restoration.

1961_thiokol_trackmaster_4t-10_01 1961_thiokol_trackmaster_4t-10_02

1961_thiokol_trackmaster_4t-10_03 1961_thiokol_trackmaster_4t-10_07 1961_thiokol_trackmaster_4t-10_06 1961_thiokol_trackmaster_4t-10_05 1961_thiokol_trackmaster_4t-10_04

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