1967 Land Rover Series IIa 109 NADA Wagon

by Curtis Guise on November 16, 2015

This rare 1967 Land Rover Series IIa 109 NADA wagon is for sale in Colorado on Craigslist for $18,900. The Left-Hand Drive 109″ wheel base Land Rover was originally powered by a 2.6 liter IOE straight six but that has been swapped with a 2.25 liter four cylinder with a Fairley overdrive unit. This longer model Rover would make for a great family wagon.

1967_Land_Rover_Series_IIa_01 1967_Land_Rover_Series_IIa_02 1967_Land_Rover_Series_IIa_03 1967_Land_Rover_Series_IIa_04 1967_Land_Rover_Series_IIa_05 1967_Land_Rover_Series_IIa_06

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