Vintage Race Vehicles At The 2016 Mint 400

by Curtis Guise on March 18, 2016

The restoration of vintage off road race vehicles have been on the rise in recent years with the resurrection of the NORRA Mexican 1000 rally.  The Mint 400 added a vintage class to this years race and here are some of the race vehicles and prerunners I came across during contingency on Fremont Street.

2016-mint-400-vintage-off-road-action_01 2016-mint-400-vintage-off-road-action_02 2016-mint-400-vintage-off-road-action_03 2016-mint-400-vintage-off-road-action_04 2016-mint-400-vintage-off-road-action_06 2016-mint-400-vintage-off-road-action_07 2016-mint-400-vintage-off-road-action_08 2016-mint-400-vintage-off-road-action_09 2016-mint-400-vintage-off-road-action_10 2016-mint-400-vintage-off-road-action_11 2016-mint-400-vintage-off-road-action_12 2016-mint-400-vintage-off-road-action_13 2016-mint-400-vintage-off-road-action_14 2016-mint-400-vintage-off-road-action_15


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