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10 Most Popular Articles In November 2010

Yes, December is here again! Is everyone ready for Christmas. All the presents have been bought already, right? Below, we have the 10 most read articles in November. What was your favourite post last month?

1. Do You Remember The Fall Guy Truck?

2. Fall Guy GMC Truck Model

Why This Job Is Not A Job!

We are actively looking for authors to research and write articles for Off Road Action. We are looking for people that have an interest in vintage vehicles and love talking about them. Each staff member has their own areas of specialty and we are looking to expand our knowledge base. The fact that we do not currently pay for articles is overshadowed by the fact that you get to see your name on the front page of Off Road Action! We are working on reimbursing our authors, but need for the advertising income to become a little larger first.

Ten Most Popular Posts Of October 2010

October has been an interesting month at Off Road Action. The website was down for a week and we are still recovering from that. Once again, we appologize for that! Here is the ten most read articles for October 2010. 1. Fall Guy GMC Truck Model 2. Dune Buggy Archives 3. Willys Military Jeep Graveyard […]

10 Most Popular Articles In September 2010

September has been a very interesting month at Off Road Action. We had a number of articles that went viral on the social media scene, with blogs and websites from around the world having wrote articles based on the research of Off Road Action. This lead to record amounts of visits to this website, including one day that had double the amount of individual visits than the previous record. Overall, it was a great month! What was your favourite article this month?

10 Most Read Articles In August 2010

August was an interesting month. We mourn the loss of veteran off road racer Frank Vessels. His death in a plane accident shocked the off road racing world, not to mention the death of 8 off road racing fans at a desert race in southern California. However, on a good note, the rumours of a […]

Top 10 Most Popular Articles In July 2010

Another month is over and once again, we calculate the 10 most read articles from last month. What was popular in July 2010? It turns out that it was a real mixed variety of articles! There is not one outstanding category. Check them out for yourselves. What was your favourite article? 1. Dune Buggy Archives […]

How Can We Make Off Road Action Better For You?

It’s time for a reader question – how can I make Off Road Action more useful for you?

Every 6 to 12 months I like to ask readers this question in an effort to keep improving the blog. I don’t like to lead such discussions too deliberately – but find that the discussion is better if I give a few general questions to stimulate the conversation. So here are some areas you might like to comment on:

10 Most Popular Articles In June 2010

Here is the top ten most popular articles in June 2010. 1. Fall Guy GMC Truck Model 2. Dune Buggy Archives 3. Willys Military Jeep Graveyard 4. Crewcab Jeep Trucks 5. Old Ford Crew Cabs 6. Early Bronco Camper For Sale 7. Bumpside 1972 F350 Dually Crewcab 4×4 8. 1957 Volvo Sugga For Sale 9. […]

10 Most Popular Posts For May 2010

May has been an exciting month for Off Road Action. I moved across the country to British Columbia, which made for some delayed articles. In regards to stats, a wide range of articles were popular on Off Road Action. Which was your favourite?

Limited Updates For A While

You may have noticed that there has been a limited amount of updates over the last week or so. This is because I have moved from Toronto to the interior of British Columbia. While I get settled in over the next few months, I will be staying at my parents place in “the middle of […]

Top 10 Articles For May 2010

I have to admit that that the most popular article in April 2010 was a surprise to me! It is interesting to see some of the same articles in the list each month, but also neat to see which new ones make the list and why. Take the Scotch Tape & Willys article. It is only a few days old, but already at #5. This is because of the power of social media. A few key people, like Jeep themselves posted it on Twitter and the views exploded. What do you think?

10 Most Popular Posts For March 2010

On the first of each month, we give a list of our 10 most popular articles from the previous month. Enjoy…

We Are Back Online!

I really have to apologize to our readers. We are finally back online after being offline for over 2 weeks. Again, we are sorry for the interruption, but we are promising to become bigger and better! There may be a few glitches over the next few hours, but they will all be worked out shortly.

10 Most Popular Articles For January 2010!

Well, the Ford lovers have found Off Road Action! Here is the 10 most popular articles in January 2010! 1. George Barris Dune Buster Ford Bronco 2. Bronco Camper Undergoing Restoration 3. Rod Fantelli’s 1965 Ford Prerunner 4. Bumpside 1972 F350 Ford Dually Crewcab 4×4 5. Dune Buggy Archives! 6. Restored 1966 Ford Bronco Roadster […]

2010: A Look Ahead

As mentioned in my post yesterday, 2009 was quite a year! As we take our first steps into 2010, what does the new year hold for us? In regards to Off Road Action, we are excited and have some interesting plans for the upcoming year. Most of all, we want to hear from you, our […]

2009 In Review

2009 was quite a year. The recession affected a lot of people, including myself. Throughout the course of 2009, I was handed a lot of negative challenges. However, it seemed that whenever one door closed, another one opened that would lead me in a totally different direction. These doors lead to places, feelings, or things […]

10 Most Popular Posts For December 2009

Well, December is almost over. For some reason it did not seem like Christmas this year. Maybe it was because we did not have any snow in Toronto. How about you? Did you enjoy the holidays? Here is the most popular posts in December 2009. It looks like our readers still love the Dodge Power […]

10 Most Popular Posts For November 2009

It was another wonderful month at Off Road Action. I would like to thank all of you, because you are the reason we work so hard to keep this website updated daily. Again, it seems that we have a ton of Dodge Power Wagon fans, as 4 of the top 10 posts were about the […]

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